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Heal, Restore Connection, Become Self-Full™

Relationship and addiction counselor Jessica Baum helps people heal from the inside out by creating a Self-Full™ state of internal connection

Growing up, many people are taught that being selfless is not only ideal, but also a quality that will ultimately earn them a healthy, loving relationship. But what’s missing when you’re focused on being selfless, explains licensed mental health counselor Jessica Baum, is yourself — your needs, your goals, your personal sense of well-being. Participating in a balanced, healthy relationship is a give and take, not a give and give.

From Selfless to Self-Full™

“What if I were to tell you that to improve the quality of your relationships you need to think about yourself more often?” asks Jessica. “It probably goes against everything you’ve learned about what it means to be a loving, caring partner. Maybe you even believe that in order to receive love you must keep ‘giving,’ as if love is something that must be earned. Still, it’s the one piece of advice I find myself sharing time and again: To cultivate healthy relationships you need to learn to put yourself and your needs first. Or, as I call it, to become more Self-Full™.”

Jessica wants each person she works with to become so secure in themselves, so comfortable with who they are on the inside, that it becomes a superpower.

“Show up in your relationships from this place,” she says, “and dysfunction, game playing, and drama will bounce right off you, as if you’re protected by an invisible forcefield."

By becoming Self-Full, says Jessica, people who tend towards selflessness can start to shift who they are attracting into their lives.

“When you’re a selfless person,” she explains, “it’s easy to give and give and give, then build resentment and point fingers when you’re not getting back what you’d hoped for from your partner — but that’s the opposite of what you need to be doing, the opposite of what will ultimately create a balanced partnership. Instead, you need to get yourself further over towards the other side! Practice caring for yourself more and prioritizing your needs more, and you’ll stop attracting takers. If you learn how to give yourself what you need internally, take care of yourself better, and create healthy boundaries, you're just not going to attract that type of person anymore.”

Courses and Counseling

“I specialize in treating addiction, trauma, and relationships,” says Jessica. “I have my own unique approach that looks at relationship dynamics from the level of your personal energy — how it feels within you, and how you share it with others. I help my clients understand how to tap back into their personal energy, and how to see the ways it plays out within their partnership. It's a modern spin on dealing with codependency, and my clients and I have been really successful. I also look at trauma and addiction within the partnership, but I do that separately, too. I work with clients to create practical action plans for personal and relationship health.”

In addition to one-on-one, couples, and family counseling, Jessica offers online courses, such as:

* Break Free from Narcissistic Attachment – Looking to detox from a narcissistic relationship? Become Self-Full.
* The 7 Stages of Detoxing from an Unhealthy Relationship – Do you lose yourself in relationships? Get targeted support to move past a toxic bond.

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